Victoria Bessonova
Studying at QA Academy has become one of the best 2019 events for me. I enjoyed the educational process itself very much. I was impressed by the level of knowledge and skills gained. I would like to express special thanks to the tutor Veronika Maystrankova for an interesting presentation of the material, constant feedback, the ability to find an approach to the students and motivate.
Svetlana Ch.
Yuliya Hachaturyan is a great tutor. The feedback from her takes 10 points out of 10. The material was explained understandably. There was also much interesting practical work during the course, which allowed gaining experience for further work. I liked it very much. ❤️
Larisa Kasyanenko
I liked the courses very much. The program was composed competently, consistently, from simple ideas to the complex ones, never provided irrelevant information. The teacher Stas Spodarik had been presenting the material in a professional, understandable manner, was always in touch and had been answering all the students' questions. Thank you!
Elena Korole
Being a person more into humanities than science and having a job in the marketing sphere, it was difficult to believe that I could succeed in finishing these courses. I also doubt that I could perfectly understand the new knowledge.

The final decision to attend the courses I took after the first class when our professor – Yulia – told us about tester’s profession, career perspectives, and possibilities of future development in IT sphere.

The course program is very intelligent and reasonable. There are both theoretical and practical tasks, which are actually not easy to fulfil. However, continuous communication allows to decide every problem in a very short time.

At the end of courses I realized that testing is really an interesting profession with a hint of creativity.

I will definitely expand my experience and knowledge in QA profession.
Sergey Ivanov
QA Academy courses are the excellent opportunity for attendees to try themselves as a Junior QA Engineer as the course has not only theoretical part but also a practical one, which gives you a profound understanding of the chosen profession.

That was great to use a corporate knowledge base Wiki as well as a real bag tracking system JIRA. I totally recommend this course for those who want to explore QA sphere and even for those who is not sure about a career choice yet.
Edgars Adamaitis
Many thanks to our tutor, Anna Morozova. Throughout the course, she provided us with comprehensive instructions and real-world examples, constructive feedbacks, and warm encouragements. She inspired us to be enthusiastic and motivated learners. I’m very glad to have taken the course and won’t hesitate to recommend it to my mates.
Lubova Volovika
Thanks for your amazing course!

I appreciated the teaching system jam-packed with practical tasks. Kirill was a great tutor, patient and attentive. He always made time to help and assess the fulfilled home assignments. His feedback was timely and to the point. Thanks a lot!

Wish QA Academy many happy students!
Valeria Grishina
The course on software testing was very informative and productive. We got lots of hands-on recommendations on testing various kinds of software (web services, mobile apps, etc.). What’s also important is that the tutor shared many professional tips and tricks with us that we could use on real-life projects (how to describe bugs, where the bugs can be hidden, what bugs are the most frequent, etc.). Our studies weren’t trivial and I’d like to thank our tutor Irina for entertaining material delivery. She gave much attention to the details helping us to sort out all problem issues. Thanks for the job you do.
Olga Ivanova
I enjoyed my studies at QA Academy immensely! I learnt the professional vocabulary and became more attentive to details (words spelling on the website, page colors, etc.). There were lots of supplementary documentation that helped to master theoretical knowledge (presentations, corporate wiki materials, etc.).
Alexandra Zorina
The course will be useful to both a beginner and advanced specialist. Every lecture is followed by a fundamental home assignment which is very similar to real-life tasks. I appreciated the course diversity as it covered many aspects of testing various types of applications. After diligently completing it, it’s very easy to find a job in the QA industry.
Anastasia Bulay

I would like to thank the Academy for excellent opportunity to not only get valuable information and hands-on skills, but also for invaluable experience we’ve gained learning from the professionals of their business and get answers to any questions. Keep rocking, guys!

Maria Getikova

Tester’s job requires creativity, attention and knowledge of English (IT can’t exist without English today) and great diligence! QA Academy courses will familiarize you with the tester’s job and help to determine if it suits you! So far it was the best training I’ve ever taken.

Philipp Brishtan

The course on the basics of software testing has been a great experience. Theoretical studies were useful, while practical - particularly fascinating. Special thanks to our tutor Katherine. She was a nice person to interact with and an expert to learn form. Wish her and QA Academy every success in future!

Tatyana Chuyanova

Testing was an unknown field for me before I registered for the course. During the studies I gained basic knowledge on software testing and managed to broaden my user’s horizons by performing all the tasks. The course has definitely helped me to choose my future career path.

Viktoria Khrishtanovich

Software Testing Basics course left many vivid impressions. Our tutor Anna played the key role and helped us gain practical knowledge and skills to start career in testing.