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Test Automation
QA Automation course

Level 1 - Online Basic Level Course for QA Automation Course

We invite Java specialists to complete the hands-on course on test automation.

Full training includes Basic and Advanced Courses. One can take any Course up to their desire and skills or complete both Courses sequentially.

The Basic Level Course is designed for students with technical degrees, beginning programmers, functional testers and anyone familiar with Java programming language.

Currently, the language of studies is Russian.

Tuition fee
Course duration: 77 hours
  • 9 Lectures
  • 6 Practical
  • Detailed
  • Project
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Internship Opportunity
  • Recommendation Letter
Entry level knowledge requirements for QA Automation Course:
By completing the Course you’ll master the following:
  • Fundamentals of test automation
  • Work with regular expressions
  • Principles of building test automation frameworks
  • Work with Element Locators
  • Automated web application testing tool Selenium WebDriver
  • Test automation approaches
  • Automated tests lifecycle management with TestNG testing framework.
  • Git – version control system
  • Use Maven as build automation and project setup tool
  • Different ways to launch automated tests and store the results
Have you already mastered all of the mentioned above? Then check out our Advanced Course on QA automation.
After completing it, you’ll be ready to start your career as a Junior QA Automation Engineer.


Test automation engineer - Tutor
Anna Safina
Software testing specialist
In-field experience:
5 years
Main area of expertise:
Agile Testing
Linda Pudnika-Okincica
Software testing specialist
In-field experience:
4 years
Main area of expertise:
Agile Testing
Nadezda Mileiko
Software testing specialist
In-field experience:
4 years
Main area of expertise:
Mobile and application testing
Jana Kazakova-Brede
Software testing specialist
In-field experience:
4 years
Main area of expertise:
Mobile and application testing
Thanks to QA Automation training, 50+ graduates have found their true vocation in IT and made their first steps in test automation.

What do our trainees say?

Vladimir Moshkov
I was positively surprised with the prompt feedback. Timely answers to my questions greatly contributed to the successful training.
Gomon Sergei
Many thanks to QA Academy for a useful and very interesting training. As a developer by profession, I always wanted to give another look at IT. Test Automation Course provided me with such an opportunity.


for the Advanced Course for those who have completed the Basic Course
We partner with international and local IT companies who consider our graduates as potential employees.
Learn automation testing from practitioners!
Tuition fee:
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