QA Academy Launches “Software Testing Basics – University” Course in March

Already at the beginning of March, we are awaiting the launch of a new course of Software Testing Basics – University, which will be held at the Riga Technical University.

The blended format of the learning includes both lecture classes at the University and studies online. Students will be able to perform tasks on their own and receive feedback from the teacher. Such a format of interaction with a teacher helps to detect errors in time and provides an opportunity to understand how the task relates to real projects.

The course will provide basic skills in software testing, even for those students who do not have IT education. Since the course is taught in English, students will quickly master software testing terminology.

Осенний выпуск группы в Риге

During the exciting practical classes, students learn the most relevant issues from modern information technology, acquire new knowledge from the testing sphere, as well as analyze examples from real projects. The teacher of the course Julia Yakovleva helps students in this.

Julia Yakovleva is an experienced software testing engineer at a1qa — a leading software testing and quality assurance company. As a qualified specialist, she knows firsthand what successful projects are, so she will tell about all the nuances of testing.

After completing the course, students will be granted with two certificates: from QA Academy and the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology at Riga Technical University.

QA Academy partner with many IT companies who are interested in providing graduates with a job in QA. So if you want to build a career as a software testing specialist, you should learn more about the course Software Testing Basics – University.

See you soon!

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