QA Academy graduates are preparing to conquer the QA peaks!

Three groups of students have completed training at the QA Academy, learners have received certificates of a Junior QA Tester. Let’s sum up our eventful winter.

Our students know how to prepare for the summer, so they underwent intense training in the course “Software Testing Basics” in two months. Three groups brilliantly mastered the program with the support of experienced coaches.

Vladimir Pavlov, Maria Lapa, and Veronika Maistrankova QA specialists in an international IT company and our tutors shared their professional secrets.

“If you set a goal, make an effort, and be inspired by the idea, then the results will not be long in coming,” said Vladimir Pavlov.

While studying on an online platform in real-time, our students learned:

  • make bug reports;
  • work at different levels of testing;
  • communicate with other IT professionals;
  • achieve full coverage when organizing the QA process;
  • etc.

Students from Latvia, Belarus, Russia, Poland, and Canada took an exciting journey from novice QA to budding novice software testers. We are very proud that our motivated graduates are ready to develop in a new profession.

In addition to the personal certificate, 23 learners received a letter of recommendation at once. This document will be a significant addition to your resume while looking for your first job.

QA Academy graduate Maria Sankevich shares her impressions:

“Passed a basic software testing course, which flew by in one go. Many thanks to our coach Vladimir for this. I got great experience and knowledge. Thank you!”

And we thank the students for choosing the Academy. We are confident in your soon success! Good luck and the most exciting bugs!

Do you want to give a new start to your career? Then sign up for the online course “Software Testing Basics”.

The course starts on March 10.

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