Test Automation

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We invite Java and C# specialists to complete the hands-on course on test automation. All lectures, trainings, tutor’s feedback and consultations are filled with practical tasks and examples from real-life projects.

Tuition fee
Course duration: 120 hours
  • 14 Lectures
  • 8 Practical
  • Detailed
  • Project
  • Certificate of Achievement
Entry level knowledge requirements:
The level of the above listed competencies will be tested.
By completing the Course you’ll master the following:
  • Basics of test automation
  • Work with regular expressions
  • Principles of building test automation frameworks
  • Interface objects identification means
  • Automated web application testing tool Selenium WebDriver
  • Frameworks to organize and launch automated tests
  • Test automation approaches
  • Continuous integration with Jenkins CI
  • Design patterns on test automation projects
  • Different ways to launch automated tests and store the results


Manager of test automation team at A1QA (Java)
In-field experience:
20+ successfully completed projects in mobile, web and desktop applications automated testing.
Manager of test automation team at A1QA (C#)
In-field experience:
25+ successfully completed projects in test automation.

50+ graduates of the Course formulate and implement test automation strategies in IT companies the world over.

What do our trainees say?

Vladimir Moshkov
I was positively surprised with the prompt feedback. Timely answers to my questions greatly contributed to the successful training.
Gomon Sergei
Many thanks to QA Academy for a useful and very interesting training. As a developer by profession, I always wanted to give another look at IT. Test Automation Course provided me with such an opportunity.
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