Spring Semester of Software Testing Basics Course in Riga Has Finished

Another group in Riga has finished software testing studies with QA Academy in Riga. Let’s recollect how it was.

This semester the studies ran at Riga Technical University by Alexey Kibrik – seasoned software testing engineer and tutor from QA Academy.  

The format of the course was blended. At the very beginning, Alexey arrived in Riga to get acquainted with the students and conduct the first lectures. Alexey admits that one of the most important goals of this period was to make a team of all 20 students who enrolled. To do this, he applied various team-building activities, created an online chat for all the students. Group coaching helped tackle problems and built confidence in the students.

The in-class lectures got replaced by the online studies. The students did all the tasks on their own and submitted them to the tutor who checked them and provided the detailed feedback.

At the end of the studies, the final face-to-face exam in Riga was conducted. Those students who completed all the tasks got the certificate on completion, and the best one – the recommendation letter. Alexey also instructed the students on how write a resume that will hit the mark and how to get ready for the interview for the position of a Junior Tester.

‘As it always happens in QA Academy, the group was made up of people of different age, background and goals. We brought together both students and working people. There were two multi-child mothers! I admired their working capacity and time management skills. Imagine how difficult it is to make time for studies.

I also want to notice that all the learners were highly motivated to successfully complete the course. They pursued different goals: change their life a bit, increase their career options, get new knowledge. I want to believe that everyone will get or already got the desired. For me, as for a teacher, it’s very important,’ – comments Alexey.

We wish every our student good luck and success. The next QA Academy semester in Riga will start in autumn. Follow our news and don’t miss the registration!

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