Software Testing Basics

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The 80-hour Software Testing Basics Course is the great choice for those who want to get a fast-paced immersion into one of the most demanded professions in IT - Software Testing Specialist - and open the doors for IT workforce. The course is packed with practical trainings, assignments, and live project examples. Throughout studies, trainees learn how to use the most popular and effective tester’s tools, and fulfil daily tasks to make a quick job start when fully trained. The course is run by A1QA software testing company specialists with years of practical experience in software testing. After two months of intensive training, students get enough theoretical knowledge and skills to pass a job interview and fill a position of an Entry-level/Junior tester. Those, who’ll complete studies with most outstanding results, will be invited to do internship with employment prospects in one of QA Academy partnering IT companies.

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  • 13 lectures
  • 5 practical trainings
  • Detailed
  • Final
  • Certificate of Achievement

Learning the job from the inside

The training process is as close to the real working environment as possible. Every student gets personal account, access to the real bug-tracking system (Jira) and to the materials of corporate wiki.

Practical trainings

Practical studies are as close to the tester’s work as possible. Thanks to that, all students benefit from experiencing ins and outs of the profession and may decide which type of testing appeals to them. To master the materials 5 assignments are to be performed.

Convenient timetable

Starting and ending data of the course are fixed, while the detailed timetable is agreed upon between the tutor and the entire group.

Meet the Course Tutors

Ekaterina Nesson
Specialist of mobile and system application testing department at A1QA
In-field experience:
3 years
Main area of expertise:
Testing of mobile and web applications, test design and analysis

A1QA expert in mobile applications testing
In-field experience:
2 years
Main area of expertise:
Testing of mobile applications and web services
So far the Course has been taken by more than 1000 students the world over!
70% of them have launched the career in QA.

What our graduates tell:

Dmitry Gorbachev
The goal I’ve set when applying for the course is achieved! I got knowledge of the profession I’d like to master. The education process was very comfortable.
Alexandra Zhlobich
I believe I’ve reached the goal of my enrollment. The work of the tutor and the form of interaction in the group allowed to obtain knowledge of a software tester profession. Moreover, the learning process itself was nice and comfortable.
Tatiana Buenkova
Only good memories will stay with me about QA Academy. I have gained valuable knowledge for further self-development and professional growth. Organization of educational process was performed at the highest level. The tutor had both theoretical knowledge and practical experience and was able to provide complete and clear answers to all our questions.
We partner with a number of IT companies who are interested in hiring the best of our graduates.
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Tuition fee:
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