Meet New QA Academy Tutor in Riga

On the 27 of February QA Academy starts a new Software Testing Basics Course in the capital of Latvia, Riga. This time the course will be hosted by Riga Technical University.

As a quick reminder, the course will run in English (language of the IT space) using a blended learning approach. This approach combines face-to-face classroom lectures with online practical studies. Regardless of the study format, the tutor will supervise each student and provide thorough feedback when needed.

At the end of the Course, all students will sit a final exam. Those who will attend all classes and do all the tasks will get a certificate on completion, while the best ones – recommendation letters to prove their excellence to potential employers.

This time, the Course will be taught by Aleksey Kibrik – QA Academy tutor and highly qualified QA engineer. The registration is already open. Meanwhile, we asked Aleksey a few questions.

interview of the tutor of QA-courses in Riga

– Aleksey, thanks for making your time for this brief interview. Tell our readers and your future students a bit about yourself.  

– Hello everyone! I’m Aleksey. I’ve recently turned 30, married with two children. I’m a professional QA engineer with a lot of hobbies. I like reading. However, lately I don’t have enough time to read anything but QA and software testing materials. I enjoy meeting up with friends and playing board games.

– How did you get into testing?  

– Like many other QA engineers, I never meant to be a tester. I graduated from Belarusian Institute of Law and worked as an accountant for some time.

One day I was struck by the idea that I have no desire to stay in this sphere for the whole life preparing financial statements. Something needed to be changed.

Software testing attracted my attention. Since I was a child, I have taken interest in computers. My English was also good enough and I decided to give it a shot. I underwent professional studies and applied for the internship at A1QA software testing company. The internship was successfully completed and I got employed by A1QA where I work up to date.

– Very inspiring! What is your specialization in testing now?  

– I work in the mobile apps testing department. Right now our team assures quality of the app that can be easily found in Google Play and App Store.

The users’ feedback is very positive, which is the best compliment for a tester.

– Now let’s talk a bit about the upcoming course in Riga. Will it be your first teaching experience?

– Actually, no. I’ve already taught in-class group in QA Academy in Minsk. It all went very smoothly. Both the students and I were full of enthusiasm. At first, I worried a bit as the audience in QA Academy is always very diverse: some are yesterday’s or even today’s students, other listeners are mature specialists in their areas that are usually far away from testing.

Computer proficiency also differs: younger generation shows very reliable PC skills, while older adults experience difficulties. The level of English is also never equal in the whole group.

All this ask the tutor to show flexibility, patience to interest all students and keep them involved. And I can say without fanfare that I succeeded.

After the students passed their final exam, I became assured they are ready to fulfill their tasks as real-world testers.

– But this time the conditions will change: another country, foreign language of studies. Aren’t you afraid of the language barrier?   

– The language barrier I overcame once I lived in the USA back in student’s time.

Moreover, I regularly communicate with English-speaking customers so I expect there should no difficulties arise.

– What will you teach your students?

– First of all, I’ll teach them test software. Together, we’ll search for defects, describe them, report bugs using bug tracking software, plan testing activities, and compose useful test documentation.

I’ll also explain how to measure the quality of any software product and show the difference between testing mobile, web and desktop apps.

I will also do my best to encourage and inspire them. I want every student to understand that hard work does it all. And if try hard, they’ll find a good, well-paid job in IT.

I will also try to instill the qualities necessary for any tester: attentiveness, desire to learn further. So my plans are huge!

After all, I want to hear every student after the course admitting that the time, effort and money haven’t been wasted!

– The Course will run at the premises of Riga Technical University. Have you been to Riga before?

– Yes, I was lucky to visit this city when I was a student. I remember the Old Town with its narrow cobble-stone streets and plan to visit this part of Riga this time as well.

– Any other plans?

– I want to stroll around the Old Town, visit the National Library, drop in a small souvenir shop and, of course, have a meal in one of the Riga’s pubs.

– What do you expect from the Course?

– Teaching significantly enriches me and broadens the horizons. Plus, it’s a challenge. How will it work in English? Will I be able to hold their attention and be interesting? Hope so.

– What do you wish the future students?

– Remember that the journey of thousand miles begin with a single step. Do not be afraid to change something in your life. If you have made up your mind – do it, do not stop halfway.

Working in IT is not an elusive dream, but the result of your efforts.

By the way, there are still places available in Aleksey’s group. Sign up now and get a new profession in three months!

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