Congratulations to the teachers!

Thank you for all your energy, dedication, and desire to educate the trainees!

QA Academy is proud of our students who place personal and career development at the forefront. And of course, teachers are the driving force helping pass this journey successfully. We compliment the QA Academy’s trainers on their professionalism and continuous improvement of the skills and educational approaches.

Yuri Anushkin, director of QA Academy provided his comments:

“Learning new things is always a tough process. But due expertise and support of the coaches help master a highly sophisticated profession and learn how to work in a team.

Thanks to the QA Academy’s teachers for their passion and commitment to assist newcomers in conquering new quality vertices every day.”

Being proficient software testing engineers, our mentors share their own experience and help cope with the trickiest tasks during training.

We would be glad to welcome new students on the course Software testing basics. Our instructors will help you take the leap into your IT career!

QA Academy trainers and teachers

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