Autumn Semester of Software Testing Basics Course Has Finished

We are glad to share the latest news! One more group in Riga has successfully fulfilled the course for aspiring software testing engineers.

QA Academy is proud of all the groups trained, no matter it’s a spring or an autumn course. Our students are always waiting patiently for the start of new studies. We appreciate their eagerness and do our outmost to ensure the highest quality of every lesson conducted.

This semester Yuliya Yakovleva, an experienced software tester at A1QA, was responsible for knowledge transfer. That’s how one of the students describes the impressions of the lessons performed:

‘Yuliya has brought her own flavor into this course. She is devoted to her work: all the lectures are interesting, Yuliya explains every incomprehensible word or notion, she gives examples for every situation. Moreover, she has spent her weekend to give us advice. Thank you, Yuliya!’

It’s the most honest sign of quality.

Осенний выпуск группы в Риге

Our tutors simultaneously train students at QA Academy and work for a QA company. Sometimes it is not an easy task. However, due to the ever growing working experience of the tutors, students receive the most current information on software testing specifics. It’s a vivid advantage in terms of a rapidly developing IT sphere.

We asked Yuliya regarding the most memorable moments. This is her reply:

‘This group has become a real celebration. I like it when people do care of what is happening around them. All the students were friendly and always kept helping each other. Furthermore, students taught me how to become an ally, not only a tutor. Two months were like two days. During the awarding of the certificates, I understood I would be missing them.

However, their messages in our chat keep me motivated for new accomplishments.’

We wish good luck to all our graduates. We hope that the course has helped them acquire new knowledge that can be applied at work.

Those who also want to take a Software Testing Basics course in Riga, are free to apply in spring. Looking forward to seeing you!

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