An international group graduated from QA Academy

We have one more cause for celebration! A multinational group has completed Software Testing Basics Course.

QA Academy’s geography is expanding! We have assembled 18 students from Russia, the USA, Kyrgyzstan, Ireland, Latvia, Germany, and Sweden.

Different time zones did not impede a common goal — engrossing in the software testing field to master the course program. And for sure, earned personalized certificates will reinforce and complement trainees’ resumes.

Maria Lapa has supported students on their way to obtaining knowledge and QA skills to further hone them during hands-on training sessions. The instructor highlighted the pillars and subtleties of preparing test documentation, describing defects, and creating quality reports.

We are proud of our graduates and sincerely congratulate them on their progress. Open up novel horizons, advance yourself in QA, and take the career to new heights!

If you also want to change your profession or open up extra avenues of the IT field, feel free to enroll in the Software Testing Basics Course to become a qualified QA specialist.

QA-тестирование ПО, курсы

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