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Software testing has emerged to be one of the most needed professions in IT. Being a career choice of many individuals who haven’t been in the field before, software testing offers multiple advancement opportunities, fairly good pay and scope for personal growth. However, the basics should be mastered first.

QA Academy provides its students with firsthand experience in the area. By completing training, you’ll get all ingredients for the quick start IT career recipe: deep knowledge, hands-on skills, and professional tips. All studies are run by experienced practitioners and reproduce the real-life software testing process. You will also get familiar with numerous testing types and determine which one you have an aptitude for.

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What do our graduates say?

Dmitry Gorbachev
The courses were packed with real-life projects examples and were extremely useful. I managed to touch the tester’s job and soak into real working environment. I recommend QA Academy courses wholeheartedly.
Elena Tvardovskaya
I gained the basic knowledge and understood what I want to do in future. Be sure that QA Academy will provide you with useful materials and professional tutors’ help.
Dmitry Bortnitsky
Studying at QA Academy isn’t that easy but very entertaining and invigorating. It was a wonderful learning experience.
Dmitry Ananyev
The courses I took helped me to enhance my knowledge in the field and bring out the qualities I needed most as a tester. It was great time and money investment.
Vladislav Vlasov
During studies I mastered all skills that I needed as a tester and got all important knowledge to launch career in QA. Timely responses by the tutor contributed heavily to my successful course completion.


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Remembering the highlights of the past year
December 30, 2021

It’s already December on the calendar, which means it’s time to remember the most valuable moments of this year for the QA Academy. We invite you to join our review.