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Quality Assurance tester roles have emerged as one of the most sought-after professions in IT. As a career choice for many individuals new to the field, software testing offers multiple advancement opportunities, competitive pay, and ample scope for personal growth. However, mastering the basics is essential.

QA Academy provides its students with firsthand experience through qa courses online. By completing the training, you’ll acquire all the essential ingredients for a quick start in an IT career: deep knowledge, hands-on skills, and professional tips. All studies are conducted by experienced practitioners and mimic real-life software testing processes. You will also become familiar with numerous testing types and determine which one suits you best.

Over 3000 students have already done our courses.

What do our graduates say?

Dmitry Gorbachev
The courses were packed with real-life projects examples and were extremely useful. I managed to touch the tester’s job and soak into real working environment. I recommend QA Academy courses wholeheartedly.
Elena Tvardovskaya
I gained the basic knowledge and understood what I want to do in future. Be sure that QA Academy will provide you with useful materials and professional tutors’ help.
Dmitry Bortnitsky
Studying at QA Academy isn’t that easy but very entertaining and invigorating. It was a wonderful learning experience.
Dmitry Ananyev
The courses I took helped me to enhance my knowledge in the field and bring out the qualities I needed most as a tester. It was great time and money investment.
Vladislav Vlasov
During studies I mastered all skills that I needed as a tester and got all important knowledge to launch career in QA. Timely responses by the tutor contributed heavily to my successful course completion.


Grant for Free Training at QA Academy
July 9, 2024

Friends, until the end of summer 2024, you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of a grant for free training in our courses “Basics of Testing” or “Test Automation”

We really want to support those who strive to change their lives and start a career in IT, but face financial difficulties or doubts.

That’s why we have established a grant for 15 people who will receive quality QA education from us completely free of charge: the grant will cover 100% of the course cost. 

What is a grant for free training at QA Academy?

The grant is your opportunity to receive full training at QA Academy without having to pay for the course. By winning the grant, you will become our student and be able to study in one of the online courses of your choice: “Basics of Testing” or “Test Automation”. 

How to get a grant

To participate, you need to fill out a simple application form at the link below. All applications will be carefully reviewed, and 15 lucky people will have the opportunity to study for free. Fill out the form thoughtfully and seriously because we want to provide training to truly motivated and interested people.

We are looking for those who are seriously planning to connect their life with testing and work in QA in the future. Maybe it’s you? If so, fill out the form and maybe we will meet in the course!

Fill out the form

Why study at QA Academy?

Our main goal is to help students start working in IT. QA Academy was created 11 years ago as a training center based on a1qa, an international company that has been involved in testing since 2003.

Upon completion of training, we offer the best students employment in the international IT company a1qa. Agree, this is a sufficient argument to fill out the form above. Perhaps in a few months, you will become our colleague!


To apply for the grant, click the button below. You will then be taken to the Google Form where you will find the application form.


Fill out the form

Frequently Asked Questions

▶ How to increase the chances of getting a grant?

Fill out the form in detail and with quality — that’s the whole secret. Truthfully indicate your data and level of knowledge in QA. Your answers are important because we will select participants manually: there will be no random selection.

▶ Until what date can the form be filled out?

Until August 31, 2024. We form groups based on the number of applicants, so the sooner you apply, the better.

▶ When will the selection results be known?

We will inform you whether you passed the selection or not within 10 days after you submit the application. 

▶ Which course will I study if I get a grant?

You can choose from two courses: “Basics of Testing” or “Test Automation”. If it’s hard for you to choose, don’t worry: we will suggest the appropriate option based on your level of knowledge.

▶ Are there any restrictions on training with the grant?

No restrictions! You will fully complete the course just like other students who paid the full price.

QA Engineer Job: 4 Possible Career Paths
May 17, 2023

When a person starts a career in the IT sphere as a software tester, they hardly ever look into their future and understand what opportunities for career growth this profession provides. Let’s consider the most popular options for professional development and career prospects for QA engineers.